Case Study

We work to bring your ideas to life properly. The biggest key to reaching and recognizing your ideas is that you are recognized online and you can accurately analyze and use the market where your business is located or will be located. We do analytics and workflow improvements for you, make your business or company more accessible, and provide maintenance and repair support for the website or application we have developed.


Year: 2021

As HITRATECH, we are aware that the life we are in is becoming more and more technology-oriented and in this direction; We bring your thoughts to life with simple, flexible and cost-effective projects.

Before starting the project, the identification and design steps are completed. In these steps, cases and data collection protocol design are decided. Then, in stages prepare, collect and analyze, a report is prepared for each case and proceeds integrated with the customer. The final stage is the analyze and conclude step, consisting of draw cross-case conclusions, modify theory, develop policy implementations, write cross-case report.

“You don’t have to be a genius to succeed. Being able to make your dreams come true is the greatest achievement.”

Eren CAN

CEO, Hitratech Solutions Ltd.

Analyzing Our Problem

Before we turn your ideas into projects, we do the market research of your work in detail. Accordingly, we decide how to proceed and we can help in the best way. According to our analysis and research, we prepare a workflow and timeline that best suits you.

Creating A Custom Solution

Since we are a solution-oriented company and care about our customers, because of that we use unique methods tailored to solve problems. We implement the solutions we have created in an integrated way with your ideas.

The Results

The improvements that await you along with recognition and accessibility in the virtual environment.


Increase In Productivty


Increase IN Sales


Decrease in Meetings


Decrease in Emails